3 Valley Gap Historic Ghost Town Revelstoke BC Canada – Railroad Roundhouse

The Roundhouse at 3 Valley Gap, is home to the largest fully operational covered turntable in North America. It has 24 bays and is approximately 300 feet in diameter. The complex contains a Back Shop, Pattern Shop, and a Railway Coach Repair & Carpentry Shop. The lobby entrance to the Railway Roundhouse is a replica of The Arlington Court building from Revelstoke, B.C. This stately building has items that you would expect to find in a lavish home in the early 1900’s. Thoughtfully displayed are antique pianos and organs, hats, dolls, clothing, and a wedding collection.

The railroad roundhouse and court house is amazing!  We came back the next day to spend more time in it!

There were a half dozen old passenger train cars that you can walk through.

An old bowling lane along with other old games such as pin ball were throughout the roundhouse.

There were stairs and walkways that you climb and explore, and get a great view when you were up top!

Shocking large!

The upstairs of the court house had a an amazing collection of dresses and fashion.  Plus more pianos…

The court house front entrance.  Love the pillars!

About the Railroad Roundhouse: Naturally locomotives would be very large and difficult to move around, and the amount of equipment required to maintain them was tremendous. As well, unlike the modern diesel locomotives of today, a steam locomotive was designed to go forward, and seldom backed up. To solve this, a turntable mechanism was utilized to rotate the locomotives to various specialized workshops in the roundhouse.

Cool antique firetruck.

Train cars that you could walk through.

The roof was so big.

Overhead photo give you a good idea of the size of the roundhouse.

Dinning car.

Steam train.

Steam locomotive.

Lounging car.

Several sleeping cabins to explore.



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