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Located on the Trans Canada Highway, midway between Sicamous and Revelstoke, BC, The Enchanted Forest provides activities for kids, children and young at hearts. Discover the magic with our Old World fantasies (350+ Fairy Tales Figurines and structures), BC’s tallest Tree House, the Castle, the Nature Walk and a self guided Row Boat Tour).


We went to the Enchanted Forest with three children ages 2, 4 and 5.  It was fun for all of the ages because they all could see and do all of the activities and crawl into all of the houses.  While older children will also likely enjoy The Enchanted Forest, I think that it better appeals to younger children.

Being in the middle of forest, I was quite impressed that there were several clean and functioning washrooms throughout the attraction.

The attraction appears to be quite old, but knowing that going in, was a big part the appreciation that we had for the park.  I did notice some slight changes such as paint color changes from previous years, but in general the park is quite classic.

Of the attractions in the park, the children told us that the castle with a dungeon and the tallest tree house were among their favorites.

My son’s favorite in particular was the talking wizard in the castle.  He liked it so much we had to go back to see him again before we left on the way out.

The Enchanted Forest Attractions:


The Enchanted Forest Other Figures and Attraction Photos:

The Enchanted Forest’s history

A couple from Revelstoke Doris and Ernest Needham constructed The Enchanted Forest in the 1950s. Doris was an artist who created by hand and cement different fairytale figurines. When she was looking for a place to display her unique work and she decided on The Enchanted Forest’s isolated location.

Over the next 10 years, the Needhams developed eight of the forest’s 40 acres as their retirement project. They made everything by hand, including the trails, the “Candy Cane” house, and the castle.

the Needhams officially opened The Enchanted Forest to the public on July 1, 1960, and 10 years later, one million people had stopped to enjoy the Needham’s attraction. The Needhams realized their masterpiece was more than they could handle, so they sold the forest and retired.




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