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Come back into history…

3 Valley Gap Heritage Ghost Town gives you the opportunity to relive the colourful pioneer days of the late 1800’s. Gold fever brought thousands of fortune seekers to this part of the country in 1862. The gold rush was short lived, leaving behind many abandoned buildings and towns, now known as Ghost Towns.

While staying at the 3 Valley Gap hotel we visited the Historic Ghost Town.  You still need to pay to enter while staying at the hotel, but it was a one-time half price payment and you can go unlimited times during your stay.

So that was $7.00 an adult, and all the kids because they were under 6 and kids under 6 are free.

We paid the $3.00 to go on the train ride.  It’s nothing fancy, but for $3.00 you can’t expect too much, and the kids enjoyed it.

There were several cool things to see, but the Railroad Roundhouse was my favorite.

3 Valley Gap Historic Ghost Town Attractions:

Other 3 Valley Gap Historic Ghost Town Attractions:

More about the Ghost Town:

Three Valley Gap Heritage Ghost Town, is an attraction adjacent to Three Valley Lake Chateau. A visit to the Ghost Town will bring you back to the pioneer days of a typical 1800’s British Columbia western town. There are more than 25 rescued and restored historic buildings, an Antique Auto Museum featuring automobiles dating from 1902, and a Railway Roundhouse, complete with turntable, locomotives and rail cars.


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